Automate Your Receivables, Improve Cash Flow, Save Time & Money

Even with the best intentions, some of your customers will have difficulty making every monthly payment to your office on time. You can continue to spend a small fortune on sophisticated billing and collection systems, or you can switch to one of the fastest growing methods for receiving monthly payments.

Everyday, companies across the country are realizing the benefits of automated electronic payments.

Electronic Payments

For most clients, payments can be processed through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system. Our ACH processing center can bring the future of transacting to your business today!

With the proper authorization, you can collect money from your customers in two banking days, no matter where they bank in the United States (given funds availability). Most business order-entry software can provide the information needed to “originate” an electronic payment. Your data will be converted into the required format, and our processing center will serve as your gateway to the Federal Reserve Banking System.

CHEXpedite Automated Payments Pays Off . . .

This system also includes the use of CHEXpedite™ Electronic Check Recovery. If a check or pre-authorized payment is returned for non-sufficient funds, Electronic Check Recovery will automatically resubmit your checks electronically. Not only does this service save you time and money, it saves you and your customers the embarrassement of collecting the NSF items.

Meeting the Needs of Your Business.

Given your specific needs, we can help determine if Automated Payments is best for you. Our payment systems are designed to meet your individual business requirements for speed, ease of use, customer service and administrative efficiency.

Let us show you how you can benefit from electronic payment technology.

What are the Advantages of CHEXpedite Automated Payments?

  • Timely funds settlement
  • Less expensive than mailing invoices
  • Streamlines the billing process
  • Recovery of NSF items · Reliable cash flow
  • Custom payment solutions tailored to your business
  • No cost for special equipment
  • No long-term contract to sign
  • No customer is too small
  • Online real-time reporting via the Internet for Electronic Payments.

The Road Ahead . . .

In the same way that we have seen a massive flow of content to the Internet, we will see a shift to automated payment in the marketplace.” –Andrew Grove, Intel Corporation