Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is CHEXviaPhone™?

CHEXviaPhone™ is merely the taking of checking account information over the telephone from an individual. Once the account information is obtained, an ACH transaction can be created.

2. Do I need the customer's check number for a check taken over the phone?

There is no need for a check number. For checks by telephone, the reason that most companies ask for a check number is so the customer will write it down as paid to that merchant and not spend that money again.

3. What information must be gathered for CHEXviaPhone™?

    1. The customer's bank nine-digit routing number,
    2. The dollar amount of the transaction,
    3. The checking account number on which the payment will be made,
    4. The bank name,
    5. The customer's name. Not required to print a draft, but helpful to have, if possible:
    6. The check number,
    7. The customer's phone number,
    8. Any additional routing numbers or "Payable Through" banking information if the check is written on a Credit Union account.